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QStringList ImgDirSink::getDescription (  )  const [virtual]

contents of .nfo and file_id.diz files; file name goes first, then contents.

Definition at line 183 of file imgdirsink.cpp.

References txtfiles.

      if (desc.count() == 0) //read files only once
            for (QStringList::const_iterator it = txtfiles.begin(); it!=txtfiles.end(); it++)
                  QFileInfo finfo(*it);
                  QFile f(*it);
                  if (f.open(IO_ReadOnly) && (f.size() < MAX_TEXTFILE_SIZE))
                        QString cont;
                        QTextStream str(&f);
                        while (!str.atEnd())
                              cont += str.readLine() + "\n";
                        desc.append(finfo.fileName()); //append file name
                        desc.append(cont); //and contents
        return desc;

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