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QComicBook::ImgLoaderThread Class Reference

#include <imgloader.h>

Inherited by QComicBook::ThumbnailLoaderThread.

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Detailed Description

Thread-based image loader.

Definition at line 26 of file imgloader.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void request (int first, int n)
 Appends few pages to the list of pages to load.
virtual void request (int page)
 Appends page to the list of pages to load.
virtual void setPriority (QThread::Priority p)
 Changes priority of the loader thread.
virtual void setSink (ImgDirSink *sink=NULL)
 Sets image source sink.
virtual void stop ()
 Stops processing requests and exits thread execution.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void run ()
 Main function of the thread.

Protected Attributes

QMutex mtx
 mutex for serialization of class attributes
volatile QThread::Priority prio
 thread priority
QValueList< int > requests
 the list of requested pages
volatile bool stopped

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