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Go to the documentation of this file.
 * This file is a part of QComicBook.
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Pawel Stolowski < yogin@linux.bydg.org>
 * QComicBook is free software; you can redestribute it and/or modify it
 * under terms of GNU General Public License by Free Software Foundation.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 * WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. See GPL for more details.

/*! \file imgdirsink.h */

#ifndef __IMGDIRSINK_H
#define __IMGDIRSINK_H

#include <qstring.h>
#include <qobject.h>
#include <qstringlist.h>
#include <qdatetime.h>
#include <qmap.h>
#include <qmutex.h>
#include "thumbnailloader.h"
#include "imlibloader.h"

class QImage;

namespace QComicBook

      //! Possible errors.
      enum SinkError
            SINKERR_ACCESS = 1, //!<can't access file or directory
            SINKERR_UNKNOWNFILE, //!<unknown archive format
            SINKERR_NOTSUPPORTED, //!<known archive type, but not supported
            SINKERR_LOADERROR,  //!<can't load image file
            SINKERR_NOTFOUND, //!<file not found
            SINKERR_NOTFILE,   //!<not a regular file
            SINKERR_NOTDIR,    //!<not a directory
            SINKERR_EMPTY,     //!<no images inside
            SINKERR_ARCHEXIT, //!<archiver exited with error
            SINKERR_OTHER  //!<another kind of error

      class Thumbnail;
      class ImlibImage;

      //! Comic book directory sink.
      /*! Allows opening directories containing image files. */
00052       class ImgDirSink: public QObject
                  //! Emited when comic book is ready for reading.
                  /*! @param path path of the opened comic book */
                  void sinkReady(const QString &path);

                  //! Emited on error.
                  /*! @param code error number, as defined in SinkError.
                   *  @see SinkError */
                  void sinkError(int code);

                  //! Emited to report progress of comic book reading.
                  /*! This signal may be used in conjunction with QProgressBar class.
                   *  @param current current progress value
                   *  @param total total number of steps */
                  void progress(int current, int total);

                  class FileStatus
                              bool modified;
                              QDateTime timestamp;
                              FileStatus(): modified(false) {}
                              FileStatus(const QDateTime &mtime): modified(false), timestamp(mtime) {}
                              void set(const QDateTime &mtime, bool m) { timestamp = mtime; modified = m; }
                              bool isModified() const { return modified; }
                              bool operator==(const QDateTime &d) const { return d == timestamp; }
                              bool operator!=(const QDateTime &d) const { return d != timestamp; }
                              operator QDateTime() const { return timestamp; }

                  //! Scans directories recursively for image and text files.
                  /*! Scans directories for jpg, png, gif, xpm image files and .nfo and file_id.diz text files.
                   *  Images file names are stored in imgfiles; text file names are stored in txtfiles.
                   *  Other files are store in otherfiles. All directories are stored in dirs.
                   *  @param s starting directory 
                   *  @see imgfiles
                   *  @see txtfiles
                   *  @see otherfiles
                   *  @see dirs */
                  void recurseDir(const QString &s);
                  static QString memPrefix(int &s);
                  void setComicBookName(const QString &name);

                  static const int MAX_TEXTFILE_SIZE;
                  ThumbnailLoaderThread thloader;
                  ImlibLoaderThread imgloader;
00106                   mutable QMutex listmtx; //!< mutex for imgfiles
00107                   bool dirsfirst; //!< visit directories first, then files
                  static const QString imgext[];
00109                   QStringList imgfiles; //!< list of images files in directory
00110                   QStringList txtfiles; //!< text files (.nfo, file_id.diz)
00111                   QStringList otherfiles; //!< list of other files
00112                   QStringList dirs; //!< directories
00113                   QString dirpath; //!< path to directory
00114                   QString cbname; //!< comic book name (directory path by default)
00115                   QMap<QString, FileStatus> timestamps; //!< last modifications timestamps for all pages
                  mutable QStringList desc; //txt files

            public slots:
                  //! Requestes thumbnail to be loaded in separate thread.
                  /*! @param num page number */
                  virtual void requestThumbnail(int num);

                  //! Requests number of thumbnails to be loaded in separate thread.
                  /*! @param first first page number
                   *  @page n number of thumbnails to load */
                  virtual void requestThumbnails(int first, int n);

                  ImgDirSink(bool dirs=false);
                  ImgDirSink(const QString &path, bool dirs=false);
                  ImgDirSink(const ImgDirSink &sink);
                  virtual ~ImgDirSink();

                  //! Opens this comic book sink with specifiled path.
                  /*! @param path comic book location
                   *  @return value grater than 0 for error; 0 on success */
                  virtual int open(const QString &path);

                  //! Closes this comic book sink cleaning resources.
                  virtual void close();

                  //! Returns an image for specifiled page.
                  /*! The imgcache is first checked for image. If not found, the image is loaded. Optionally,
                   *  the preload thread is started to preload next images.
                   *  @param num page number
                   *  @param result contains 0 on succes or value greater than 0 for error
                   *  @param preload number of pages to preload in preloading thread 
                   *  @return an image */
                  virtual ImlibImage* getImage(unsigned int num, int &result);

                  virtual void preload(unsigned int num);

                  //! Returns thumbnail image for specified page.
                  /*! Thumbnail is loaded from disk if found and caching is enabled. Otherwise,
                   *  the image is loaded and thumbnail is generated.
                   *  @param num page number
                   *  @param thumbcache specifies if thumbnails disk cache should be used */
                  virtual Thumbnail* getThumbnail(int num, bool thumbcache=true);

                  /*! @return number of images for this comic book sink */
                  virtual int numOfImages() const;
                  /*! Returns abbreviated name of maxlen. This name is not reliable, eg. it can't
                   *  be used as file or directory name. It is meant for viewing only.
                   *  @param maxlen maximum length of the name that will be returned
                   *  @return abbreviated comic book name */
                  virtual QString getName(int maxlen = 50);

                  /*! Returns full name of the comic book.
                   *  @return name of comic book */
                  virtual QString getFullName() const;
                  virtual QString getFullFileName(int page) const;

                  /*! @return contents of .nfo and file_id.diz files; file name goes first, then contents. */
                  virtual QStringList getDescription() const;

                  virtual QStringList getAllfiles() const;
                  virtual QStringList getAlldirs() const;
                  virtual QStringList getAllimgfiles() const;
                  virtual bool timestampDiffers(int page) const;
                  virtual bool hasModifiedFiles() const;

                  virtual bool supportsNext() const;

                  //! Returns the next filename to open.
                  /* @return next filename or QString::null */
                  virtual QString getNext() const;

                  virtual QString getPrevious() const;
                  //! Returns the instance of thumbnail loader.
                  /*! @return thumbnail loader instance */
                  virtual ThumbnailLoaderThread& thumbnailLoader();

                  //! Removes old thumbnails.
                  /*! @param days thumbnails older than this number will be removed */
                  static void removeThumbnails(int days);

                  static bool knownImageExtension(const QString &path);
                  static QString getKnownImageExtension(const QString &path);


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